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Pack it

When it comes to packaging, we say, “You can never have too much!” To give you an idea of what we do when we send items, here’s some insider info and guidelines:

  • We always ensure that there is heaps of internal cushioning. Good items to use for this include bubble wrap, shredded paper, corrugated cardboard and polystyrene nuggets.
  • If more than one item is being sent in a single parcel, ensure that they don’t have a chance of damaging each other. Individual wrapping and padding is an awesome way of preventing this.
  • We use the 5/5 rule for any items. This means 5cm of padding between the walls of the packaging and 5cm of individual packaging for each item.
  • Sharp or pointy items are potentially dangerous, so it is always best to ensure they are protected extra carefully.

With packs, the same rules apply, but because of their smaller size, some other tips for packaging are:

  • Place bendable items like cards or documents between two strong pieces of cardboard.
  • Don’t send delicate or sharp items in the pack
  • Do not overload the packs. They are not intended to be stretched or warped as this can cause the plastic to tear or rupture.

Type: Phone repair

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