About Us

Callcom is a mobile device retailer based and operating in Australia. Our commitment to quality has made us a favorite among our regular customers and we strive to create the same connection with all our new customers.

We attribute our success to transparent and professional dealings with all our customers. Above all, we ensure to deliver excellent results to any problem that needs fixing. These principles have enabled us to retain a faithful customer base and attract even more from the region and even outside.

The choice to deal exclusively with Samsung devices is partly because they are among the most common model of smartphones around. The main reason, however, is that we think Samsung smartphones are superior in quality and aim to share the same great experience we’ve had with the devices.

In order to maintain quality service to our customers, we bring in the leading technicians from around the globe who are just as enthusiastic. Our staff are reliable and well-trained to handle any problems you may have experienced. Besides, we always ensure fast and high quality service every time.

What’s more, our services are very affordable and definitely better than purchasing a new device. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us a text and we will be eager to get your smartphone up and running ASAP.