So whats new with the iOS12 ? is it worth it? June 19 2018, 0 Comments

The new iOS 12 update


The new update for iOS was announced at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in San Jose. It is going to succeed the iOS 11 of last year. Apparently, the new iOS 12 is going to bring about improvement in the performance of Apple devices as opposed to an introduction of new features.

Apple engineers are not going to have such a difficult time when fixing bugs as they did in the past since you will just need to roll out new features.

Performance improvements and optimization

The new update offers a very quick experience and it responds quickly. Therefore, the major component of iOS12 is the improvement of performance and system optimization. Apple made a variety of changes in optimization to the new update which makes the normal actions on devices to be done more quickly than in the past.

With this kind of performance improvements, launching an app on an Apple device has improved its performance by 40%, opening the keyboard is 50% faster than before and opening a camera is 70% faster.

New Animoji and Tongue detection for use in messages

Apple has brought four new Animoji in the new update which includes Tiger, Koala, Ghost, and T.rex. They can be used in messages and even on FaceTime calls for iPhone X.

These Animoji features are also going to get the tongue detection technology which will allow you to control the Animoji like making them stick out their tongues. This makes the whole experience of Animoji to be fun and exciting. Not only that but also it's going to get better since it supports winks and recording short clips.

In addition to that, you can create your own personalized Animoji through the all-new Memoji app that looks like anything you would want.

Screen time, notifications and app management

Screen time summarizes activities on a weekly basis which enables you to know how long you are spending on certain apps, the number of times you pick up your Apple device and the apps that are sending notifications to you.

Measure app

Apple has introduced the Measure app which enables you to take measurements of real objects by just pointing the camera at them.

Devices to be improved

Following the announcement by Apple, iOS 12 will run on all the devices which support iOS 11. Therefore, older iPhones and iPads will improve performance on iOS 12.