Android Nougat is finally out! September 16 2016, 0 Comments

In typical Google fashion, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is sticking to naming their operating systems after the letters of the alphabet. Android Nougat, version 7, is the new operating system that was announced a few weeks ago. It is already available to Nexus devices, but you might have to wat a few more months to have it on your Samsung device.

Nevertheless, it’s here, and it’s an improvement over its predecessor, so let’s look at some of the new features you can expect when it is finally rolled out to your device.

Split-screen functionality

Samsung Galaxy Note users have always enjoyed the freedom to open two apps at the same time and work on them simultaneously. This feature will now be available to all android devices that will have Android Nougat. Split screen will be usable in both portrait and landscape orientations, although only the portrait orientation will allow you to resize the windows.

You will be able to activate split-screen mode by long-pressing an app in the app picker and dragging it to the top or left of the screen if you’re in landscape mode. While this feature has had some problems in the past when using the keyboard, it is now quite effective by reducing the size of the keyboard and placing it closer to the active window. This is the biggest update to android, and yet I suspect most people won’t even get to use it.


Multitasking has always been available, but a new quick-switching feature will allow you to switch between the two most recent apps even faster. Double tapping the app overview button will switch back to the second app and vice versa. What’s nifty about this is that, together with multitasking, you can almost run 3 apps at the same time – two apps side-by-side, and a third whenever you double-tap the app overview button.

Quick replies

From the notifications area, you will now be able to reply to emails, texts and WhatsApp messages without having to open up the app itself. This feature will allow you to stick to the task at hand without having to leave the window you were in.

Improved Doze mode

Doze was introduced back in Android Marshmallow to put your device in a kind of hibernation whenever the device lay still. Now, it will be available whenever the screen is off, even if you’re on the go. When you finally put your device down, it will go into a deeper hibernation mode, but the little instances of Doze throughout the day are supposed to extend battery life.


People are getting more conscious about privacy, and Android Nougat is here to address those concerns. A new file encryption system is going to be put in place which that personal data will be even more secure than before. With Android Marshmallow and previous android versions, you could only encrypt your entire device, but now there is a distinction between system data and personal data. Basically, this means that your personal information will remain more secure.

Wrapping up

When you do get the Android Nougat update, you won’t see any major difference at first. The truth is, most of the improvements are subtle and internal, stuff only a developer or enthusiast such as myself would notice. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you don’t need the update, because despite not noticing any major differences, it still makes your device a lot better.