The Galaxy S7, worth the upgrade? March 29 2016, 0 Comments

Samsung’s new baby is out, and with yet to face any tough competition, it’s all the fuss. We’re trying, though, to find out if it’s worth the price tag and whether one should give up their current device, whether an S5 or S6, and make the upgrade. For that, we will need to look at the important areas in every Android device, which are:


Of course, the Galaxy S7 has the best specs in the market right now, but it still performs at par with previous releases. This means that there are no games or apps that won’t run on the S6 and S5. On the other hand, a superior processor and larger RAM ensures that multitasking remains smooth even when there are plenty of resource intensive apps running.

In case you’re currently on the Galaxy S5, you will notice a great difference because it still runs on a 32-bit processor compared to the S6 and S7 which have a 64-bit processor. With that in mind, the S7’s current specs make it a futuristic device, but this is not a good reason for an upgrade.

The camera

Samsung Galaxy cameras have always been top tier: The S4’s was great, the S5’s amazing, the S6’s superb and now astounding with the release of the Galaxy S7. Despite being bumped down a few pixels, the camera on the S7 performs absolutely well in both low light and daylight conditions. That makes the S7 better with pictures than the S6 in low light and way better than the S5’s and S4’s.

Body and design

Compared with the Galaxy S6, there is no difference in design. As for the S5 whose body was mainly plastic, the S7’s glass and aluminium design beats it hands down. Even so, some people still prefer the leather backing on the Galaxy S5 because it doesn’t attract as much fingerprints. But the feel in the hand is definitely better with the S7, you just need a case to keep the fingerprints at bay.


After the S6’s catastrophe with battery life, Samsung decided to accommodate a few millimetre thickness. The S7 is slightly thicker than the S6, but then it has a much bigger battery, 3,000mAh compared to the S6’s 2,550mAh. This is definitely a good reason to make the upgrade.


Everything on the S5 and S6 is back on the S7, only better and improved. This includes the pedometer, heartrate monitor, fingerprint reader and water resistance. Only water resistance was missing on the S6, but that is definitely a reason to buy the newer device. Although all the S7’s features are also on the S5, there is a definite improvement; the fingerprint, for example, which required a swipe and would fail from time to time is now faster and more secure.

The screen

Nothing has changed in screen size as the 3 latest Galaxy flagships all have a 5.1-inch screen. Quality, however, has been improved from full HD to quad HD with much less reflectivity to make it usable outside. Definitely a plus and a huge reason to upgrade.

The verdict

Whether you’re a power user that demands the best specs or just a casual user, there are plenty of reasons to make the upgrade. Samsung have managed to balance everything out to create a device that looks finished rather than the beta project that was the S6. With that, you shouldn’t hesitate to take a look at our shop for the best deals on the Galaxy S7.