Android Marshmallow tips March 15 2016, 0 Comments

Android N may be in the works, but Marshmallow is still king so far. In fact, it’s still relatively new to most devices such that some may not have fully utilized its improvements. To help with that, we’ve put together some useful tips we have found useful so far.

Using Google Translate while using other apps

Google Translate is an amazing app that lets you translate words and even sentences to and from other languages. The only problem was, you had to copy the text you wanted translated and paste it into the Translate app.

This isn’t the case with Android Marshmallow, now, when you highlight text, a translate option is shown in the popup beside the ‘Copy’ option. Therefore, you can quickly get the translation of a word without having to leave the app you were on. Furthermore, this feature works with every app I’ve tried so far, so no need to worry.

Selective Doze

Anyone who has Android Marshmallow will appreciate the Doze feature, most of the time. It might be frustrating if you miss important notifications from specific apps because of it. Luckily, you can still opt some apps out of Doze and allow them to run as usual. This will definitely take a toll on your battery life but some things are worth it.

Go to Settings, then Battery, then tap on the 3-dot menu at the top-right corner to bring up Battery Optimization. Then tap on Not Optimized and then All Apps. This will display all your apps and selecting one will allow you to opt out of Doze.

Customize Quick Settings menu

The Quick Settings menu is the one that shows when you swipe down the top of the display twice or once with two fingers. If you don’t like the arrangement of the icons shown, there is a ‘hidden’ way to do it without installing a 3rd party app. Simply open the Quick Settings menu by swiping down, tap and hold the ‘Settings’ icon at the top-right corner for a few seconds and lift your finger. A notification that System UI Tuner has been added will be displayed and you can find this option at the bottom of your Settings page.

System UI Tuner can be used to customize Quick Settings menu icons as well as other useful features such as displaying the battery percentage.

Associate apps with link types

Nobody likes to choose which app to use for a specific action every time, yet you always get such prompts especially if you have plenty of complimentary apps. To select your defaults, go to Settings then Apps and go to app settings by tapping on the cog at the top-right. Select App Links then you can choose which apps you would like as defaults for specific actions.