Android N is already here! March 14 2016, 0 Comments

It seems just a few months back we were discussing Android Marshmallow, yet we have already seen the first preview of Android version 7. In fact, there are still some devices which are supposed to receive the Marshmallow update that haven’t yet such as the Xperia line. Nevertheless, the future is here, and we have to be ready for it.

Android M brought a great many features to improve the Android experience, and anyone who has already updated their device knows this. The question now is, what’s new? Well, these are the improvements we’ve seen on Android N:

Improved ‘Doze’ mode

You remember this hidden feature we discussed earlier? It’s back again, but now it’s better and much more effective. Before, it only worked when your phone was completely still, like lying on the table. This was great for preserving battery overnight, but meant you couldn’t enjoy it as much in the day.

The feature has now been enhanced to operate in two tiers, the first being the same as before, but also as long as the screen has been turned off for a while. This means that even if the device is in your pocket and you’re moving around, ‘Doze’ will be activated if you don’t use the phone for some time.

Faster app optimization

With ART (Android Runtime), apps are optimized when the device is booted up. This is the reason behind the lag you experience after a system update. With Android N, however, every app is optimized individually when it is opened, making the boot up process a lot faster.

Dark mode

If you’re like myself, you would prefer a dark theme to the bright white background. Android M will allow you to switch to a dark theme without the need for 3rd party apps, and this will affect the entire system.

Improvements all round

From the settings menu to the notification bar and smart locks, Android N is going to make them more efficient by enhancing their functionality. These are all minor developments but will add up to the overall improvement of the Android OS.

How to get Android N

You can’t get it at the moment as it is still in Beta mode. This is actually the first beta and there are usually a few before the final version is released. If you want to be on the absolute cutting edge, then signing up to the Android Beta Program will allow you to receive the latest updates.

Even then, you will still need to have a Nexus device as these are the only ones which get the Beta updates. I wouldn’t advise any average user to do so, though, these updates may not be very stable and you may end up losing some of your data.