Note-taking apps October 04 2015, 0 Comments

No one carries a pen or paper any more, you wouldn’t need one if you’ve got a smartphone. Note taking apps are fast outgrowing sticky notes, and with good reason. They are faster and there’s less chance of losing your information. If you’re in need of one such app, here are some suggestions you might try:


This app has become one of the most popular for taking short notes and writing down lists, even I use it. Compared to Google Keep, it doesn’t have the best user interface, but it’s still okay.

  • Write notes: this is the most basic function, and it does it well. Your notes are synchronized online so you can access them from any other device, including iPhone and iPad, windows phones and even PC. You can also create notes by handwriting, and although I hardly use this, it’s just a fun addition.
  • Checklists: organize your activities for the day on the app by creating lists. This is very handy for when you’re going shopping and you don’t want to miss something.
  • Reminders: although most people still rely on the calendar app for reminders, Evernote provides an alternative. The benefit of reminders on Evernote is that they’re accessible across devices, although it’s not exactly unique in any way.
  • Work chat: if you’re working on something with others, this feature allows you to send text, pictures and audio clips back and forth; kind of like a messaging app.

Evernote is free, if you want it, although you can upgrade your membership to premium if you need more space and functionality. By upgrading, you can set a password to the app and get increased space, up to 10GB every month. For the rest of us who just take down noted, the basic membership is enough.

Google Keep

I like Google Keep’s interface more than Evernote’s, plus it has all the functionality of Evernote. The choice between these two apps is simply a matter of taste, although I favor Evernote personally.

Microsoft OneNote

This product has been around for a long time, although it has only recently been brought to mobile devices. On the PC, it is coupled with other Microsoft Office products, so if you’ve been using it, you might be inclined to keep using it. Also if you’re migrating from a windows phone.

For a first time user, this might not be the best app to start with. It’s huge, over 100MB in size so, a problem to download and takes up just as much space on your device. Additionally, you need the actual software on your PC to view notes unlike the other two which don’t.


There are other apps in this category you might want to check out such as ColourNote and Notepad, but I would encourage you to stick to the already established companies.