ANDROID LEARNING APPS October 04 2015, 0 Comments

You may have noticed that education is rapidly changing, and if you still haven’t, just stroll around any university campus; preferably around the afternoon because after dark… Anyway, I’m sure you hardly saw any text books, even laptops are rapidly being replaced by tablets. This is not all bad as it makes information more accessible.

Developers are getting in on the fad too, trying to offer something useful to users interested in more than just entertainment. I use these apps very much for different aspects of my life, and I’m going to tell you what each does:


One of the most important tool in anyone’s library is the dictionary, because you’re always going to run into some unfamiliar words. If you don’t have a paperback copy at home, or need something more portable, you can download one from the Play Store onto your device. The most complete dictionary I’ve found is the Oxford Dictionary, and it’s got a huge database of words so you can be sure to find any word. The only problem, you need an active internet connection; it’s really not a big problem but may inconvenience you when you’re away from Wi-Fi and cellular. Another similar app is, sharing the same advantages and shortcomings.

A better option, and my favorite, is Offline Dictionaries, a very comprehensive app. You can get a variety of dictionaries on this app, including translations and thesaurus. The only downside, these dictionaries have to be downloaded, and each of them is about 50MB, although this is not much if you’ve got an SD card. If you don’t, you might have to limit the number of your downloads in order to save on phone memory.


I’m a very curious guy, and nothing fascinates me more than the human body; I suppose everyone is because there are a number of apps for this. To learn about the brain, get 3D Brain to learn about different parts of the brain and what they do. For general information on the body’s systems, Human Anatomy encompasses the muscular, endocrine, skeletal systems and much more, providing information about most systems in the body. I know for a fact that this app is very popular among medical students.

Space exploration

Although NASA came under a lot of scrutiny on its effectiveness, people are still fascinated by the information it offers. To get updates on progress and watch videos received from space, NASA App is there for you. I’m not big on space but I was still amazed at some of the videos I watched on the app, you should at least try it once, even if you’re just going to uninstall it afterwards.