Choosing the appropriate gear October 04 2015, 0 Comments

Google Glass wasn’t as well received by people because as much as Google tried, it wouldn’t look like ordinary glasses. They then took a stab at an easier target, the watch, and in this they have succeeded to make the trend successful. Smartwatches now have their own OS, and this has encouraged manufacturers to get in the game. Right now there are various smartwatches, and like all other trends, it has become tedious to settle on one. So let’s look at some of the top smartwatches and their stand-out features.

Samsung Gear S

The renegade in the smartwatch trend, Samsung chose to fit their smartwatch with their own OS, Tizen, instead of Android. This means it will only work with Samsung devices. To make the device more attractive, they’ve added features such as the camera into it, nifty if you want to be a spy.

Besides that, it has a keyboard, so you can make calls and type text without using S Voice. I find this too cumbersome to use given the small screen, but it is fun to make calls through it.

Moto 360

This smartwatch was released late last year and was very well received. Unlike Samsung Gear, it was rounded and looked almost like a normal watch. The materials, too, are premium quality aluminium and leather for the band which makes for a very good-looking device.

LG G Watch R

This one has a rounded face too, but by the time it was released Motorola had already set the pace. LG, however, decided to improve on battery life, and it has the biggest battery on a smartwatch. With this, you can be guaranteed of at least 2 days use unlike the others with less, LG actually states it has 3 days’ battery life.

This comes at a cost, however, and it looks a bit bulky. That said, it’s not so heavy as to make it uncomfortable, but some people may be put off by the general size.

Common features

There are some feature common through all smartwatches:

  • IP67 rating: almost all smartwatches are water and dust resistant
  • Inbuilt pedometer: this is to count your steps, although not very accurate because any motion of your hand is counted as a step. Perhaps wearing the watch on the hand you use least may help
  • Heart rate monitor: most watches will measure your heartbeat, although some still don’t

My opinion

There is clearly lots of room for improvement, and smartwatches are hardly a must-have accessory. Personally, I don’t use mine very often because there still aren’t many apps, but it’s something you might want just for the hell of it.