Google now vs. Siri and Cortana October 04 2015, 0 Comments

Google now vs. Siri and Cortana

Every major smartphone manufacturer now has a voice assistant: Google has now, Apple with Siri and Microsoft with Cortana. I don’t know what’s going on with Blackberry, but I think they’ve got bigger problems, trying to sell devices. Anyway, these manufacturers have been making improvements regularly trying to one-up each other, I’m not even sure there’s a clear winner.

Where Google Now thrives

Accessibility: Google Now is the only voice assistant that can be activated by voice. On your home screen, just saying “Ok, Google” will open the Google app and you can then issue your commands. However, this requires that your screen be turned on and that you have the original Android launcher, not one of those replacements.

Opening websites: when you speak a web URL to the assistants, Google Now actually opens the website straight away while the others only open a search page, then you have to click on one link. This is really not that amazing though, because you’re still going to need your hands to navigate the web page, but it is still greats that it’s there.

Follow up questions: with Google Now, you don’t have to repeat something over and over. For example, when you’re searching something, say, Angelina Jolie, all the subsequent questions you ask will be related to the initial search term. Apple have announced that they’re going to include this on their next update, iOS 9, but so far, Android is winning.

What Google still needs to work on

Robotic voice: Apple’s Siri has been given a more natural voice compared to both Cortana and Google Now. Really, Google should work on this. Cortana can actually sing!

Easter eggs: I’m talking about those silly questions you actually don’t need an answer to but would like some kind of response. Asking Siri something like “Do you know any jokes” would probably give you a joke or two out loud. The same does for Cortana, but Google Now would only give you search results.

What’s next for Now

Like I said, there’s hardly a winner because there are merits for each assistant. All of them can perform the most basic tasks well such as setting reminders and calling people or sending messages. So I think now it’s time Google started working on those less-than-functional purposes, like Apple have done.