CAMERA FEATURES October 04 2015, 0 Comments

Camera features

Smartphone cameras have been improved over the years to have more pixels, better dynamic range and improved low-light quality. Samsung, as always, have been on the frontline and although they haven’t won the pixel race, Samsung cameras have other unique features. I find Sony Xperia to be at the top of the megapixel race, with the Xperia Z2 and Z3 both sporting 20MP cameras.

Despite having lesser pixels, Samsung have instead chosen to make the camera more interesting, by adding filters and various camera modes, this is what I’ll be talking about.

HDR: the term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which means that photos taken in this mode have a wider dynamic range. Various brightness levels in the picture are clear, even when the picture is taken with the phone facing the light source. The only downside is, the flash is turned off in this mode, so you won’t be able to use it in low light.

Beauty face: instead of having to transfer your picture to Photoshop for a retouch, this feature does all the airbrushing you need. When taking pictures of faces, the camera recognizes them and removes pimples and blemishes on the face. After the picture is taken, you can adjust the amount of retouch you would like. The final product, however, looks unnatural when turned up too high.

Dual camera: honestly, I’ve never found much use for this feature. Basically, it allows you to take a picture with the front and back cameras at the same time. The front camera window looks something like a postage stamp, you can choose the design, and it is embedded within the larger image from the back camera. Like I said, I’ve never really found a use for this feature, but maybe someone else might like it.

Drama/sports shoot: if you watch match highlights, nothing creates drama like the shot-by-shot of the entire move, and this is what this feature does. When you take pictures in this mode, a number of images are taken within the same frame, showing the entire move in a single frame. It only works with moving objects, though, and creates a very powerful image, I actually like it.

Panorama and surround shot: take landscape pictures under this mode to capture a wider angle. All you need is to start taking the picture and move the device in one direction. I usually have some problems with it because it doesn’t have OIS (optical image stabilization) and you have to hold it really stable, otherwise, it stops or becomes choppy. It’s still great though, for landscapes, hot air balloon rides, whatever requires a very wide angle shot, or even a tall tree.

Sound & shot: this creates a picture and audio combo, taking just a picture with a short audio clip. This is another feature without much use, if you need sound, just take a video.

Do these make the camera better?

Of course, they couldn’t win the pixel race, but the Samsung’s camera is probably the one with most features compared to other devices. Couple the features to the already excellent camera, and the Samsung is the ideal device for any photo enthusiast or professional.