apple vs samsung October 04 2015, 0 Comments

The top two smartphone manufacturers worldwide have been Apple and Samsung, and the two companies have been at loggerheads for a long time, with one company suing the other for this or that; basically, they are fierce rivals to say the least. But we’re not interested in the legal shenanigans, let’s let their products speak for them.

The camera

Samsung cameras, no matter the device, have a crisper image, the colors are vivid and very clear. I have never been a fan of their flash, though, up until the release of the Galaxy S5 whose predecessors had a very bright flash that washed out the colors, and the details thereof. The S5 and S6 as well as the Note 4 have had a significant improvement, producing clear pictures even in low lighting.

Apple devices, on the other hand have always had good cameras. Pictures taken by an Apple device appear toned down very natural, edges are smooth and not pronounced. In low lighting, however, not so well, up until the release of the iPhone 5S, pictures taken in low-light situations were below par.

Currently, considering the latest devices from both manufacturers, I’d recommend the Samsung’s camera, and not just because I have a bias, but the QHD quality of pictures can even be used professionally; and there’s no question about the front camera.

Body and design

I admit, iPhones have always been made from premium materials, no question about that; and Samsung only began including aluminum instead of plastic in the Galaxy S4, and even then it was just a strip along the side. Currently, though, the Galaxy S6 is beautiful, and the S6 Edge model simply stunning. That’s a tie!

The only difference remains in the four corners, Samsung produces slightly curved corners while Apple have definite and sharp, even brutal, hence the joke that an iPhone falling on your head might cause you injury. The choice is entirely yours, but I prefer something that’s smooth and friendly to my hand when I hold it.

Screen display

Once more I have to admit Apple devices have had superior displays, up until recently. A comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 and you won’t need a second look; the former has approximately 577 ppi and the latter 326. Pictures and videos appear more vivid on the Samsung than on the iPhone. Therefore, Samsung, definite winner.

System support and updates

The iPhone 4s, released in 2011 is capable of being updated to the latest iOS version while the Samsung Galaxy S3 can only be upgraded to JellyBean. That says it all right there, Apple offer longer support to their phones than Samsung do. But that’s probably because there aren’t as many Apple devices released each year as Samsung. However, without the excuses, Apple wins.


Finally, no matter how much you want something, it comes down to “Can you afford it?” Apple devices have historically been relatively more expensive than Samsung’s, making them untenable by most. The Galaxy S6, however, is more expensive than the iPhone 6, with the S6 Edge model even pricier; to get this device, you must really want it.

My opinion

I have always seen smartphone preference as a sort of religion, with one group adamant to listen to the other. Because of that, it is difficult to convince anyone to switch from what they like. My preference, though, is on the Samsung, I am not one to stick to one phone for more than a year, regardless of how good it is, and the extra functionality in the Samsung makes it a very exciting phone to operate compared to the iPhone.