Android cleaning apps October 04 2015, 0 Comments

Have you noticed that after using your Android device for some time or days, it starts to lag a bit? Applications don’t open as fast as they did and switching between tasks becomes delayed? The solution to this is to clean up your phone.

The longer it’s in use, the greater the lags and delays. Over time as you use the phone, the RAM gets filled up, and since this is where apps are loaded when active, a filled up RAM will not be very efficient at performing even the simplest tasks.

To clean up your phone, you could always turn it off, wipe the Dalvik cache from your device’s recovery menu and boot it back up, not so straightforward. Instead, a simple cleaning app from the Play Store could keep your device running smoothly for longer without needing to perform any special procedures. These are some such apps I’ve used before and would recommend to anyone:

  1. CCleaner

Developed by Piriform, a renowned company in software development, this app will let you monitor your RAM and CPU activity, close unnecessary apps and remove junk files. CCleaner provides an uninstall feature for system apps that you don’t need, that way creating room for apps you actually need.

Besides being created by an experienced developer, the app is absolutely free and without any of those annoying ads that fill up your screen. A very handy tool to keep your device in ‘shape’.

  1. Clean Master

Combining memory and CPU cleaning with antivirus capabilities was brilliant, especially because some apps may be harmful to your device. This app is able to scan your device for any potentially harmful software or files and delete them, while at the same time monitoring your system for junk files, these are the residual files left after uninstalling an app.

Additionally, there is a duplicate photo remover feature that scans your phone’s memory and deleting any duplicate files. Through removal of duplicates and junk, your device will maintain a good amount of free memory, useful for multitasking and overall performance.

  1. DU Speed Booster

If you like playing games, then this is the device for you; it recognizes installed games and dedicates the phone’s processor to that game when it’s open, dramatically improving performance.

Apart from games, you get antivirus features to remove harmful applications and unlike other apps where you’d have to manually initiate activity, DU Speed Booster allows you to schedule cleanups when you’re not using the phone, a very handy approach.

My opinion

Personally I prefer DU Speed Booster because of its scheduling feature, and by scheduling the scan at midnight, you will not even notice when it’s working, but you always have a device in top condition.

Even if your phone is not yet slowing down, it’s always advisable to have a cleanup app handy in case of such an occurrence.