WhatsApp tricks for iPhone June 04 2016, 0 Comments

With more than a billion users worldwide, it is easily the most popular messaging platform in the world. Despite being able to send messages across devices, whether iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows, the WhatsApp interface is different from one device to the other, and so are the features. On iOS, WhatsApp is only available for the iPhone and can’t be installed on an iPad, unless you jailbreak it, so we’re going to see some of the tips to improving your WhatsApp experience on the iPhone.

De-clutter your ‘Camera Roll’ album

All newly downloaded pictures, including those sent through WhatsApp are saved together in the Camera Roll album. It’s usually not a problem, unless you’re a member of a group that constantly sends images you don’t really like. You still can’t create a WhatsApp media album, but can disable picture downloads from a specific contact or group.

  1. Go to the group or contact in question
  2. Tap on the name at the top
  3. Select ‘Save incoming media’
  4. Choose ‘Never’

Reply without opening the app

This is very useful if you would like to reply to a message but are on another application, but first, you will need to allow banners for WhatsApp if you had disabled them.

  1. Go to your device settings then scroll to ‘Notifications’
  2. Find WhatsApp, which will probably be at the bottom
  3. Select ‘Allow notifications’ and set the type to ‘Banners’

Now notifications from WhatsApp will show up at the top of the screen

  1. Whenever a banner appears for a new message, swipe down on it
  2. A text input area will appear, tap on it
  3. Compose your message and hit ‘Send’

You will then be taken back to the application you were on before; games usually pause when you do this so don’t worry about losing points.

The same service is available from the lock screen, simply swipe left on the notification, select ‘Reply’ and follow the same process as above.

Attach documents

It has always been possible to send media, but the latest WhatsApp update now lets you attach PDF and Word Document files. Just tap on the ‘Attach’ icon and select ‘Share Document’; it even allows you to attach documents from your iCloud Drive.

Format text

This feature is still in the development stages, but you can still use it.

  • To create bold text, wrap it with asterisks, for example, come home *now*
  • For italics, use underscores, for example, this isn’t _right_

To create a strikethrough, use a tilde (~)