Choosing your iPhone colour June 03 2016, 0 Comments

iPhones had always been released in two colours. The iPhone 4s and below were either black or white but starting with the iPhone 5, Apple started using anodized aluminium, which is very difficult to keep black or white without being brittle or gloppy. That caused the shift from black and white to silver and space grey, and then gold was added with the release of the iPhone 5s. A new addition of rose gold was made with the iPhone 6s, bringing the total variety to four – silver, space grey, gold and rose gold. According to studies, increased number of choices makes choice difficult, but let’s try to make the decision a little easier.


Despite having 4 colour options, only the space grey iPhone has a black faceplate, the rest have a white faceplate. The priority of a white faceplate is a continuation of iOS’s dominantly white background for menus and apps. In so doing, the white faceplate creates a false borderless display, making the screen appear larger. With a black faceplate, however, focus is pulled toward the centre, encouraging focus.

Therefore, the space grey iPhone is ideal for those who consume a lot of media because it pulls your eyes in. On the other hand, those who usually text or browse the web will be more comfortable with the white faceplate.


Because iPhone uses anodized aluminium, the frame is strong enough to withstand dents, but it’s still susceptible to scratches. Space grey aluminium has more contrast and even the minor scratches are more visible, while the silver iPhone can mask most scratches. The gold and rose gold iPhones are moderate in contrast and can mask small scratches, although the larger ones will still be visible.


This is the most important aspect of colour, how it looks to you and what you like your phone to show about you. Space grey provides the classic and minimal look some people like because it is understated and doesn’t attract attention. Silver provides a somewhat similar feel, although it attracts a little more attention. The gold and rose gold are best for making a statement, and are meant for those who don’t mind a little attention.

Your choice

All these colours are very durable, and there’s no fear of the colour being washed out. Because of that, it all comes down to taste and preference, and the flashy fellow will never be satisfied with a space grey iPhone. This guide, though, should help you decide if you’re thinking of buying an iPhone for someone as a gift.