Recovering deleted files June 03 2016, 0 Comments

Apple have now created a new feature that uses iCloud to recover stuff you accidentally delete on your iOS device, and it can all be done from iCloud on the web. Simply go to using any web browser of your choice, log in with your Apple ID and password then go to the Settings menu. Right there on the page at the bottom left area are several options to recover various content.

Recovering contacts

Follow the same procedure described above, and select Restore Contacts from the restore menu. However, you can’t restore individual contacts there, instead, Apple restores an archive of your contacts. With your iCloud account linked to your device, Apple periodically uploads all your contacts into an archive, especially after any changes are made.

Restoring a previous backup will also overwrite any new contacts you have created recently, so you should also remember to export your current archive before the restoration. Because the service is still not perfect, it’s most useful if you have deleted several contacts or would really like to recover a specific contact.

Recover calendars and reminders

This, too, works in the same way as recovering contacts, Apple will restore a previous archive and overwrite the current one. Additionally, both calendars and reminders are bundled together and you can’t restore one without the other.

Recovering media

For pictures and video files, however, the process is a bit different:

  1. Go to and log in with your Apple ID and password
  2. Instead of going to the Settings, though, go to the ‘Photos’ tile.
  3. At the top will be several tabs, and you should select ‘Albums’
  4. There should be a ‘Recently Deleted’ album there, go to it
  5. Click on ‘Select Photos’ at the top and select the photos you want back. There is also a ‘Select all’ option if you want to recover all photos and videos at once as well
  6. Click on ‘Recover’