Get published on Apple news June 02 2016, 0 Comments

Apple have been mentioning their Apple News App in recent press conferences a lot more often, and yet the feature is still unavailable to most of the world. At the moment, it is only available in the US and parts of Europe.

However, as everyone who knows marketing recognizes, this is the time to get into a potentially great thing. Which is why you should get yourself recognized now and build your reputation before the feature becomes a worldwide thing.

Surprisingly, too, is that Apple are making the job even easier; where publication on the app was usually an exclusive honour, it is now possible for anyone to publish their articles on Apple News.

All you will need is Apple News Format, an online tool you can use to create and format content which will then be published on Apple News. All you need to create an article are the media files you require on your iCloud account and text, that’s it. Apple News Format contains all other features that will allow you to arrange your media, insert pictures, videos and panoramas or even audio; everything you need to make your article appealing. Once you’re done, the tool then automatically optimizes your content for iPhone and iPads, so you won’t have to worry about readability.

How is it different from previous methods of publication?

Before this tool was launched, the only way to publish regular updates was through RSS feeds. These are links viewers would subscribe to and catch up with the latest publications. However, RSS feeds aren’t as effective because they require 3rd party apps to receive updates and it’s impossible to know just how well your article is being received.

Apple News Format remedies that by providing every necessary feature as well as useful analytical information. With it, you can know the actual number of unique viewers, how long the viewers spent reading your article and how many, if any, shares on social media they were. Any blogger would kill for these stats, and Apple is making it all available for free.

How is it useful?

Like all online content, the idea is making some money through advertisements. iAds is available on Apple News which lets you keep all the profit from advertising on your article. If you choose to have Apple market your iAds, you lose 30% of the revenue but can keep a significant 70%. Again, the benefits of iAds are plenty – first because Apple is such a huge platform you won’t have to struggle to find viewers; and second because it’s easier to target the ads to specific audiences.