The update to the update June 02 2016, 0 Comments

The initial iOS 9.3 update was released in March at the same time the iPhone SE was launched. It was a huge update that introduced several features for the latest iOS devices, but their focus and ambition unfortunately led to several problems soon afterwards. Then Apple had to release several updates soon thereafter, some of the problems you might experience include:

Bricking and crashing

For older iPhones and iPads, there were numerous problems with the initial update that led to the devices crashing or even bricking long before the update was complete. For those who could complete the update, apps would crash and hang like nobody’s business, causing many users to downgrade.

For these older devices, a second iOS 9.3 build was released with a new build number, 13E5237. In case your device couldn’t complete the activation process, you would have to make use of iTunes to upgrade your iOS device, which would mean a 1.7GB data consumption.

Crashing bugs

For the later iPhone and iPad models, the update would complete successfully but that was when the troubles would begin. The most common problem was that of apps crashing in case they had links and you clicked on them. The solution for this, however, was quite simple and only required the upgrade to iOS 9.3.1 which is a very small update you can make OTA (over the air).