Cool Siri commands June 02 2016, 0 Comments

Apple’s personal voice assistant has become even more robust lately, and while it can respond to all simple commands, it has the advantage of having a funny side as well. There are several cool commands available that make Siri very popular and better than Google Now:

Remember this

From whichever screen you’re on, it’s possible to invoke Siri and ask her to set a reminder on the subject on the page. Imagine you’re browsing the web or reading an email, press and hold the home button and just say “Remember this”. Siri will create a reminder with the link to the web page or the app you were on by the time you issued the command.

Flip a coin!

Say you’re making a bet with a friend and don’t have an actual coin to flip, asking Siri to “Flip a coin” will generate either heads or tails randomly and you can use that for your bet. The same kind of command can be used to “Roll the dice” and other similar actions.

Fact checking and quick calculations

You no longer need to type entire sentences or download apps for simple functions, Siri can do that. You can quickly search for information about a movie, artist or any trivial fact by simply using your voice. It is also possible to use Siri for quick calculations and conversion of units, making the feature more useful than ever.

Chit chat

Siri is a lot funnier than Google Now, and that’s probably because it usually has answers to some very strange questions. Try asking Siri something like “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, “Tell me a joke” or “What do you think of Google Now” and she will have a witty response most of the time. It’s always a lot of fun to discover some of these yourself and you should try some other unique questions.