Switching to iOS June 01 2016, 0 Comments

It’s a difficult position, switching from one operating system to another, but there are always good arguments for one move or the other. Apple, however, have tried to make the move to their operating system easier by developing an app to help. Called Move to iOS, the app makes the switch to iOS easier and faster, here’s how:

Download the app

The app should be installed on your android device from the Play Store here. It can be downloaded to any Android device running version 4.0 or later and will work on any other device as well.

Run the app

Once you have the app on your android smartphone, it has a very simple interface you can easily navigate. You will have to choose which items you would like to transfer to your iPhone, and these could include:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Message history
  • Mail accounts
  • Camera photos and videos
  • Web bookmarks
  • Free apps: iOS apps don’t have the same file type as android apps, so your iPhone will have to download new apps from the App Store. It would be better if you had connected your device to a Wi-Fi network rather than use your mobile data.

Enjoy your iOS device

Your iPhone will create a private Wi-Fi network that will be used to transfer the content. Wi-Fi is much faster than Bluetooth or LTE and will be able to transfer your files very fast. IPhones have quite high data transfer speeds, and as long as your android device is also fast, you will have all your data in a few minutes.

You now have your data transferred to your new iPhone and can begin enjoying the iPhone.