Reset your home screen May 10 2016, 0 Comments

You will get a few apps residing on your home screen the moment you first turn on your device from the shop. Then you might manually add a few of your own there to make it easier for you to access them, and before you know it, your home screen is cluttered. Needless to say, manually tapping and holding, then dragging each app one-by-one to the remove command is more than troubling, maybe it even causes your thumb to be sore.

There is a far easier way to remove the icons, of course, but for reasons I'm yet to determine, Google chose to hide that deep within your settings and far out of reach. Do this if you would like to clean up your home screen:

  • Open your device settings
  • Tap on 'Apps'
  • Tap on 'Google App'
  • Tap on 'Storage'
  • Tap on 'Manage Space'
  • Tap on 'Clear Launcher Data'
  • Tap 'Okay' to confirm

For those who like affirmative action and drastic measures, deleting the entire home screen would also work.

Preventing this in future

If you don't want to keep doing this, you will need to prevent automatic creation of app icons on your homescreen:

  • Open your Play Store
  • Swipe from the left edge, this should bring up a menu
  • Tap on 'Settings'
  • Uncheck 'Add app icons'

Now the Play Store won't add icons to the home screen every time you install or update one.