The Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 battle May 10 2016, 0 Comments

I have always been a Samsung fan, but it's hard to ignore the competition. Last year, the competition raged on between the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, so it's only fair to check out the major talking points.


After years of using plastic and fake leather materials in the body of Samsung devices, the company made the decision to switch materials. The new Galaxy S6 was made up of metal and glass, with the metal being sandwiched between two glass panels. At the same time, Apple increased their screen size from the typical 4-inch iPhones to a new 4.5-inch device. The iPhone 6 also had a sleeker design and not the typical squared body, hence the battle was on.

The choice for users therefore remained between glass and metal vs. all-metal, but that is unfortunately one discussion that won't come to an end soon. Aluminium, on one hand is prone to scratches while glass is prone to fingerprints. Both make the devices ugly over time, but the problem can be easily solved with a skin or cover. In the end, the variation in material only led to a split in taste, with the glass on the S6 appealing to those who like a glossy look and the aluminium of the iPhone 6 presenting a premium and undertone finish.

Both manufacturers took their time to perfect design, and so far there isn't a clear winner; this stage comes to a draw.


Camera performance on iPhones has always been excellent, and Apple went even further with the addition of the dual-tone flash. This plus the increase in aperture size enabled their camera to take excellent low-light photos. Samsung, too, improved their camera and it was also capable of excellent photos in both day and night conditions. However, general camera quality was still arguably better on the iPhone 6 than on the Samsung.

To close the gap, Samsung added numerous features to their camera that offered more variety in the pictures taken. In addition, the higher 16MP resolution on the Galaxy S6 allowed for higher resolution pictures that could stand a better chance for commercial use.

Therefore, if you're one to take pictures only for personal use, the iPhone 6 offered more reliability and quality. If, though, you like to post your pictures on your website or print them out, you had better opt for the Galaxy S6.


It's almost impossible to compare these two devices' processing power because they operate very different systems. On paper, however, the Galaxy S6 has superior specs, but that doesn't mean it can do anything the iPhone 6 won't do. The truth is, both these devices will run any app you want to use; hence, we have another tie.


Both screens are excellent, no doubt, although again on paper the Galaxy S6's screen has a higher resolution. When using either device, though, both have excellent quality indoors and even in direct sunlight. However, being an AMOLED screen, the S6 has more vibrant colours while the iPhone offers more toned-down colours that are more natural. So, do you prefer the super-vibrant colours on the S6 or the natural and neutral colours on the iPhone 6?


While iPhones don't usually have much going for them in terms of battery life, the larger device ought to have made a difference, but it didn't. We still have very slim devices with small batteries and neither could offer you more than a day of battery life. However, the Galaxy S6 offers an ultra-power-saving mode that could push you through a few days as long as you're willing to forego most features. For this reason, I give the title to the S6.


There's no question here, there lots more features on the S6 than on the iPhone. The S Health app offers several features including a pedometer, heartrate monitor, and SpO2 metre, none of which are available on the iPhone 6. They both have a fingerprint reader that works well on both devices, and Samsung did away with water resistance,

Final decision

There are lots of aspects between the S6 and iPhone 6 where it's difficult to come up with a winner, but the decision between them is quite simple. Do you like the flexibility and feature-rich experience of Samsung or a more restricted and polished experience of the iPhone 6. For me, I prefer a device with options I can choose between and select when needed, which is why I'd still choose the Galaxy S6 over the iPhone 6.