Best document readers May 10 2016, 0 Comments

Working from your device is no longer strange, unique or weird. In fact, it can be very useful when you're on the road, as you go to work, and catching up with a few projects. Most devices, especially the high-end calibre will have a Word Processor pre-installed, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to what your manufacturer thinks is best. Actually, part of the Android experience is to explore different options in the Play Store and pick the best app for a particular task.

There are numerous Word Processors available, and most are small enough to be quickly downloaded and installed. However, there's much more to consider other than just size, lots more. To find the best, we need to identify the top Word Processor apps and compare their merits:

Microsoft Word

Most people don't know that MS Word is available for Android, and it is free, but you can rejoice now. The app also contains all the glory of the desktop app, with plenty of features, although not all of them. However, what really makes the app stand out is its integration to OneDrive. This allows you to synchronize your documents to the cloud, edit and even share them with others.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you're familiar with Adobe products, you would know that Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are very different, with the former meant to just read PDFs and the latter for creating and editing them. In the past, there was only the Adobe Reader app, but that prevented users from creating PDFs, hence the combination of the two.

This app is meant solely for PDF documents, but as we know, this is among the most common file type for documents due to its universality across platforms. Just like MS Word, it offers synchronization with your Adobe account, which means you can share your documents online very easily.

However, Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't have as many features as MS Word, so it can be very useful to have both apps, create and edit the documents on Word and export it as a PDF to Adobe.


This app is a combination of the two apps above and then some. The developers have made the app one of the most popular office app in the Play Store because of the very many features the app offers. Besides the usual opening, creating and editing Office documents and PDFs, you can share over various platforms. Other unique features include freehand drawing, opening multiple documents simultaneously and even synchronization of settings across devices. The only downside, however, is that to get all the features, you would have to pay for it; otherwise, this app could easily replace any other document reader you may have.

Google Docs

You will probably have this app pre-installed on your Android device, and it does have its merits. It is very simple to use and light enough to work even on low-end devices, but it just doesn't have as many features. This app is meant for someone who only needs to do a little document editing, but not for the serious worker.