Organize your gallery May 10 2016, 0 Comments

Your Android gallery will scan your entire device and include any videos and pictures on your smartphone. Sometimes this can be awesome - the ability to access all your media from a single source - but it can also be a bother. Say, you have some personal pictures in a certain folder that only you would like to access, yet there it is in your gallery. You would either have to download a 3rd party app to secure the entire gallery or delete the pictures altogether.

However, there are more options to organizing your gallery so you don't have to worry about your privacy, here are some I've used:

Using ‘nomedia’

The '.nomedia' extension is used for an empty file that, when placed in a folder, 'tells' your gallery app not to look inside. You can create this file on your own from your PC, download it from the Internet or use an app to create it in specific folders. The easiest way is through a 3rd party app such as Nomedia, which you can download from the Play Store.

When you open the app, you will be directed to your list of folders, and selecting any one of them will automatically create a '.nomedia' file in that folder. You can confirm by manually navigating to the folder on your file browser and also checking your Gallery to see if it's gone. By doing so, you have just redirected the Gallery app away from that folder but you can still access your files using a file browser.

Make use of Private Mode

Private Mode is available for devices running Android Lollipop and above. It is an in-built feature that protects certain files from access without permission. For more information on this, check out this blog post.

Use a third party gallery app

If your device can't be upgraded to Lollipop, and perhaps you have too many folders you don't want to navigate every time you need a file, it is also possible to use a secondary gallery app. Such an app would replace the default Gallery app and should probably have a security feature such as a pin to protect private files. A good example is QuickPic Gallery which will have such security measures.

What else?

All three of these methods won't fail, but for ultimate security, you just need to secure your device with a strong password. Plus, there's always the final, delete, option.