Battery maintenance May 07 2016, 0 Comments

Over time a device’s battery will get worse, it’s just a matter of delaying the depletion for as long as possible. Smartphone batteries are intended to last about 3-5 years, although they may not be as effective at the end as they were in the beginning. There are, however, some habits that shorten this ‘lifespan’ and forcing you to find a new battery, here are some of those:

What to avoid

Fully discharging

Try as much as possible to prevent your battery from completely running out, lithium ion batteries don’t like that. When fully discharged, these batteries become unstable and may even explode when you attempt to charge them, and there have been numerous cases of this. Besides that, even if they don’t explode, repeatedly discharging your battery to zero will drastically reduce its capacity to store energy and it quickly becomes worthless.

I wouldn’t advise you to completely get rid of your wireless charging mat/pad, instead, just limit the number of occurrences you use it. Batteries can be revitalized when slightly damaged and restored but nothing can be done when there has been extensive damage. Charge your phone as much as possible to maintain a level between 40 – 80% (fully charging it isn’t advisable either) and avoid leaving it charging overnight, also a very bad idea.

Heat sources

You have probably seen the warnings about keeping your battery away from heat and direct sunlight, take that warning seriously please. Lithium ion batteries can even explode when heated too much. Even just overheating caused by overuse or overcharge is detrimental, while it may not cause an explosion, it reduces the battery capacity.

I know you don’t want to stop playing that game of yours, maybe you’re even playing while it’s charging, and you’ve probably felt your device getting warmer, please just put it aside. Avoid any activities that causes your device to overheat or at the very least, keep it at a minimum. The rest is obvious, don’t leave your device in direct sunlight and of course, don’t place it close to the cooker.

Fast-charging and wireless charging

Are you as excited as I was about wireless charging? Imagine just placing your device on a pad/mat and it charges without requiring a cable. As with all new technology, there are drawbacks, and this one’s is heat. If you have touched a charging mat/pad after it’s been used for some time, it becomes a little warm, remember what I said about heat?

Fast-charging too is not suitable for lithium ion batteries as they become unstable when charged at high voltage. You can still use it for emergencies, just don’t make it a habit.

What’s next?

While you can always buy a new battery or acquire an extended-life battery, you know, those big batteries that can’t even fit into the phone so it’s sold with an alternate back cover? If you haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of handling one of those, don’t bother, they are just heavy and completely modify the design. Anyway, it’s always better to maintain your original battery in good condition.