Do you still need a screen protector? May 03 2016, 0 Comments

In the past, a screen protector was a must-have if you wanted your screen to remain clear of scratches. If you can remember, it all started with the thin plastic strips which would take you several tries before applying it just right. Then there came glass screen protectors which were a bit thicker but also more durable; these weren’t as difficult to install.

Now, though, all high-end devices come with Corning Gorilla glass installed, which is a form of toughened glass. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which is even tougher than most glass screen protectors. Yet, you will always find marketers advising you to install a screen protector on your Galaxy S7 or S6, so what is truth?

Speaking from experience, the latest versions of Corning Gorilla Glass don’t need a screen protector. I have had my Galaxy S6 for close to a year now without a screen protector and it only has one minor scratch I can trace back to when I dropped my phone on pavement.

Gorilla Glass 4 can withstand pressure from common objects you may put in your pocket like coins and keys, but it still has its limits. Sand is the most common material that may scratch this screen, as well as gravel and diamond which are very hard materials.

Does anyone need to add screen protection?

First of all, all high-end and upper mid-range devices like the Galaxy A5 (2016) have the latest Gorilla Glass version, so as long as you avoid the materials above – diamond, sand and gravel, you won’t need extra protection. That means that if you often use your device outside and are prone to dropping it, a screen protector might help. It won’t prevent scratches, but it’s cheaper to replace a protector than the actual screen.

If your device doesn’t have Corning Gorilla Glass because it’s an earlier version or a budget device, then you definitely need a screen protector. These earlier screens catch scratches like nobody’s business, so unless you can stand looking at a scratched screen, go get yourself a protector.

What now?

Now that you can determine how much you need a screen protector, you’re either glad you don’t have to make the purchase or deciding which protector to buy. For more information about screen protectors, check out our blog about screen protector types and visit our shop to order one for yourself.