Why Sammy is still king April 26 2016, 0 Comments

The Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6s

Samsung and Apple have always been fierce competitors, and neither of the companies is letting up anytime soon. What happens is, Apple announce their flagship around September and Samsung respond with a flagship of their own early the next year. This is what has happened again, with the iPhone 6s being launched in September 2015 and the newly released Galaxy S7.

These two devices have become the tools Android and Apple fans have been using to try and find superiority, and, speaking as a Samsung fan, I can say the Galaxy S7 is winning. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the facts:

User interface

iPhone users have always slammed Samsung for being laggy and inconsistent even when there wasn’t a huge load, and they were right. As you know, Samsung apply a skin on top of native Android named TouchWiz which alters the icons, fonts, etc. This skin made Samsung devices laggy, that I have to agree, up until the Galaxy S6 which introduced the new TouchWiz.

It has been further refined for the S7 and is now super-smooth and does not lag at all, even under intense loads. As for the icons, it is now possible to change themes on your Samsung device, allowing you to change everything from the icons and fonts, customizing your device however you like.

With the improvements on TouchWiz, iFans don’t have much of an argument left, and given the ability of Samsung to switch icons and themes, that makes it clearly better than the rigid iPhone.


Samsung cameras have always had higher pixels: the S6 had 16MP while the iPhone 6 had 8MP, the S5 had 16MP while the iPhone 5s had 8MP, etc. That made pictures on Samsung devices a lot better, but only in daylight. Older Samsung devices were also a bit slower to take pictures compared to iPhones which could snap a picture in milliseconds.

That’s not the case anymore, Samsung have realized just how important low-light picture quality is to consumers and made the necessary changes. Which is why the Galaxy S7 has only 12MP but these are in a dual-pixel camera which can capture detail even in low-light. Speed has also been increased, such that you can double-tap the home button from any screen, including when the screen is turned off and launch the camera in an instant and quickly take a snap in milliseconds.

On the camera, picture quality is more or less equal on the two devices, but the number of features available to the S7 and the home button shortcut make the Samsung camera better than that on the iPhone 6s.


Which do you love more, glass or metal? That is the only relevant question to ask when it comes to design of the two devices. The iPhone uses an all-metal unibody with stripes at the top and bottom to allow for network signals. On the other hand, the S7 uses glass at the back and front with the edges being made of metal. Metal bodies are usually very prone to scratches, while glass bodies are fingerprint magnets.

However, either problem can be solved by using a cover. Both are premium materials and the choice is purely based on user preference.

Other considerations

We could get into other aspects like specs, but the truth is, both are high-end devices with top-notch specs and can run any app available. Security is also a non-aspect because both have a fingerprint sensor which works perfectly. Samsung have also introduced 3D touch, although Android Marshmallow does not respond to the hardware. Hopefully, Android N will include support for the feature.

Final verdict

Samsung S7 is clearly better than the iPhone 6s on paper and in practice, but the rivalry goes on because users get attached to their devices. This is why some people will stick to a less superior device, even though the truth is clear.