Don’t forget the tablet April 20 2016, 0 Comments

With all the focus on smartphones, both manufacturers and users have neglected the advances made in the tablet market. However, Samsung tablets have still been in production, and the latest flagship tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.


This device is an extension of the Galaxy S6 released a few weeks before, except only with a bigger screen. It is available in 9.7 inches and 8 inches depending on the size you prefer, but both still have the same specs. So here’s the lowdown on the long forgotten tablet:


The biggest and most significant factor in any tablet is the screen, and the Tab S2 doesn’t disappoint. It sports a quad-HD display with a resolution of 1536 x 2048, which is a 4:3 aspect ratio and not the typical widescreen display. Nevertheless, this screen is still excellent and a pleasure to enjoy media on.


The Tab S2 is extremely thin, 5.6mm thin, which is slimmer than even the Galaxy S6 itself. It would have been light as well, but the aluminium body makes it a bit heavy, but also very premium feeling. The fingerprint reader is back, this time improved not to require a swipe, although it still has problems recognizing fingerprints when the orientation is shifted.


With a 5,870mAh battery, you would expect superior battery life, but the enormous screen and high resolution take a toll on the battery. You can, at best, get 2 days on life from this device before having to recharge, and that time drops significantly if you’re a heavy user.


Tablets have never been known for their picture-taking, and you shouldn’t expect anything from this tablet either. At the back is an 8MP camera capable of taking quad HD videos, but it doesn’t have a flash for use in low-light. At the front is a 2.1MP camera which can take up to full HD videos, but the quality still isn’t that great.

The tablet experience

There’s only one reason to buy a tablet, and that is the experience it offers that you won’t get on a smartphone or laptop, and that is mobility. Tablets are made for someone who works while on-the-go, and this tablet is fit for that purpose. The large screen provides adequate real estate to type your documents, connect to the internet over Wi-Fi or even LTE networks and perhaps even play a few games.

The Galaxy Tab S2 flies through multitasking thanks to a superior processor and 3GB of RAM, plus the multiple window feature makes this a working person’s device. A case is offered to you with the package when you buy it, and this conveniently latches onto the device to allow you to conveniently place the tablet in various positions.

A combination of all these factors means you get excellent performance and flexibility, but without the extra fluff of cameras and sensors; truly a professional device.